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    Take care of business by taking care of your workforce and your health. Whether you're a plan sponsor, plan member, or a advisor, find the right suite of products, programs, and resources to address company and employee wellness with Health Solutions by Shoppers.

    Our solutions

    Explore our suite of health solutions including Health Coaching, Mental Health / SilverCloudTM, HealthWATCH® / PharmEXPERT Drug Plan, Virtual Care, Chronic Calculator and Specialty Care and give your team the flexibility and care they need in order to manage their whole-life wellness.

    The benefits of benefits

    Flexible plans

    Up to 83% gap between what workers are getting and what they say they actually need from their benefit plans.

    Cost savings

    Happier employees means reduced costs for employers thanks to lower absenteeism, turnover and increased productivity.

    Reduced turnover

    80% of employees would stay with an employer who offered benefits rather than move to one who didn’t—even if the other employer offered a position with more pay.

    Plan Sponsors

    Help your employees manage their health and become more engaged at work through flexible and affordable holistic benefit programs that support their medical, dental, and mental health issues.

    Plan Members

    Discover up-to-date and easy to understand information to help manage your health and wellness with plan member resources that go beyond available coverage details like menu plans, cooking tips, exercises, and more.

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    Email or call with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to help.